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A .logo General false statement is most likely to be exposed LOGO, especially LOGO on the surface. You can see their work carefully with the eyepiece. If it is true metal LOGO watchess are normally bright as new, leave the watches LOGO rough edges, and some not rules; paint word if it is really smooth and burr-free edge of the watches, leave the watches edge slightly melt the paint word marks, and fonts there are shades, with an eyepiece can be seen more clearly. (No eyepiece, look carefully can see it, look at the real watches, can be found in the wrong place) (Usually LONGINES, OMEGA, ROLEX, etc. watchess are too many replicas) Two. watches mirror Watches generally use sapphire crystal glass, with advances in technology, have begun to leave the watches one by one to follow. Leave the watches with a sapphire crystal glass is generally very easy to see through, because in order to reduce costs will not leave the watches on the watches mirror plated anti-reflective layer, not to mention the double coating, so in light reflection serious, although not of dripping, but just bring it to ultraviolet light irradiation, reflecting an extremely serious; real watches due to the anti-reflection coating, in bright light without much reflection, and a purple or blue glare. Three. Weight Now leave the watches, especially replica ROLEX, in order to ensure a high degree of simulation, will be the use of lead in the exterior ring false false ensure that the weight of the watches, but you can try the weight of its other parts, such as bracelets part, relatively light weight too much. Meanwhile, the general leave the watches than the lighter, even with the lead lap, "ballast", but the feeling in the hand is also strange. Four. Head In general, the easiest to head off the watches revealed the secret. The head will leave the watches using the same process, polishing uneven coating part, no matter what plated, but there are always shades of the Department, careful observation can also see grin section. Case is not easy to detect it, you can carefully observe the head section. In addition, many watches have their own head all the specifications, and leave the watches almost invariably, this really only need to look at the appearance of the watches can easily be seen. V. cover Cover not leave the watches prepared in accordance with the production of watches, some (such as OMEGA, AP, etc.) the original cap made ​​the gland, interested friends may wish to own note. There form the back section is octagonal or a few screws back cover, leave the watches in order to save costs will produce gland cap shape nondescript. Six. Literally Literally 8 times the eyepiece can be used to easily find traces of handwriting. Seven. Serial number Watches watch factory has its own label fixed rules, and has its own serial number of watchess, according to the numbers can be found in the watches of specifications and even the date of manufacture and sale of land, and leave the watches only by a number, even no numbers, it is easy to distinguish. Some real watches is numbered watchess appear in different locations, and how fake cover only appear after the watches. Eight. Bracelet Bracelet workmanship can clearly see traces of manual must be off the watches, some butterfly buckle strap do leave the watches, although more refined, but in the event the corner, has a rough unpolished details, as long as you can find carefully point flaws. Nine. Biaozhen Fake hands with eyepiece careful observation, you can find tiny traces, it is printed on the installation forceps left, I really did not see a watches similar traces. Hands shape and there is a significant difference between the real watches, even though I've seen it really replica watches, its second hand can also see the problem, leave the watches of second hand production of rough, but relatively short, this is the biggest problem, really form the general seconds longer than or equal to the length of the minute hand. Polished: This need not wordy, generally leave the watches without sanding. But there are many on the market now have polished false movement, but should be able to easily find the processing of rough. The key is experience, in addition to the price sometimes very telling. It is a high degree of simulation can access some information, look at the watches of the core, if there is no experience of a friend, and that is in the best stores to buy on a large watches